Topology's mission is to unlock humankind’s true potential in ever-inclusive realities

stairsHumanHumanHumans repairing rocker
a tiny character using mushroom as parachute
a face with mushroom on head

A Digital World Transcending Time

We dare to shape those realities on the blockchain, which will be the future of open digital worlds.

These realities will live beyond their creators, and shall not perish.

a tiny character using mushroom as parachute

And Beyond

These eternal realities must be strongly open, composable, and interoperable,

so everyone can build their future freely, permissionlessly, and trustlessly.

mushroom with humans standing on ita tiny character using mushroom as parachute
characters standing on top of a swinging pendulum machine

Is Surely Made
from Magic

Call it black magic, if you will, but we envision the future of digital worlds to transcend the limits of what was previously considered possible.

We strive to bring these worlds to life, and we're calling them onchain realities.


The first onchain reality on Starknet, inspired by “The Wandering Earth” (2000), “The Three-Body Problem” (2008), and “Factorio” (2016).